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1、Not for me, or die。对我来说,不学习,毋宁死。

2、Repetition is the mother of learning。重复是学习之母。

3、If I can live, I will certainly learn。倘能生存,我当然仍要学习。

4、The main task of youth is to learn。青年最主要的任务是学习。

5、This bottomless, Mo Panghuang。学习本无底,前进莫旁徨。

6、I have a life, and I know it。吾生也有涯,而知也无涯。

7、Study hard, make progress every day。好好学习,天天向上。

8、Study two bogey, arrogant and self。学习有两忌,自高和自狭。

9、You have to learn to think, and then to write。你们要学习思考,然后再来写作。

10、We want to absorb useful knowledge like a sponge。我们要像海绵一样吸收有用的知识。

11、People want to live independently, learn useful skills。人要独立生活,学习有用的技艺。

12、To live is to learn, to learn is not to live。活着就要学习,学习不是为了活着。

13、Learning must be combined with the hard work。学习必须与实干相结合。

14、As long as you want to learn, you will be able to learn。只要愿意学习,就一定能够学会。

15、Study hard, work hard, and make it more glorious。努力学习,勤奋工作,让青春更加光彩。

16、Bright as is fond of studying。, buchixiawen。敏而好学,不耻下问。

17、Talent like natural plants, need pruning by study。天赋如同自然花木,要用学习来修剪。

18、The more we learn, the more we feel。我们愈是学习,愈觉得自己的贫乏。

19、Study is labor, it is full of thinking of labor。学习是劳动,是充满思想的劳动。

20、The person who learns to study is very happy。学会学习的人,是非常幸福的人。

21、Labor through the body, learning through the heart。劳动教养了身体,学习教养了心灵。

22、Learning never cut corners, step by step。学习从来无捷径,循序渐进登**。

23、As long as the heart is still jumping, we must study hard。只要心还在跳,就要努力学习。

24、Idle about learning, learning is not good than idle about。游手好闲地学习,并不比学习游手好闲好。

25、Teaching must begin with the experience of the learner。教学必须从学习者已有的经验开始。

26、To learn only for profit is the darkest hour of life。年轻只知学习营利,乃生命中最黯淡之时刻。

27、Interest in learning knowledge may become a learning motivation。对所学知识内容的兴趣可能成为学习动机。

28、Learning, learning, and learning! Learn, and then know the problem。学习,学习,再学习!学,然后知不足。

29、Learning to have three hearts, a confidence, two determination, three。学习要有三心,一信心,二决心,三恒心。

30、As long as there is something you don't know, you should always learn。只要还有什么东西不知道,就永远应当学习。

31、Reading is to learn, use is also learning, and is more important to learn。读书是学习,使用也是学习,而且是更重要的学习。

32、People always want to learn。 When I die, I will be the time to graduate。人永远是要学习的。死的时候,才是毕业的时候。

33、Step up to learn, to seize the center, better not to be mixed, not much more special。加紧学习,抓住中心,宁精勿杂,宁专勿多。

34、In learning to do a brain eye ground hands frequently, you can become a man of learning。在学习上做一眼勤手勤脑勤,就可以成为有学问的人。

35、If you don't want to waste your life in the world, you need to study for a lifetime。如果不想在世界上虚度一生,那就要学习一辈子。

36、Youth is the period of learning wisdom, the middle age is the time to put into practice。青年是学习智慧的时期,中年是付诸实践的时期。

37、If learning is to imitate, then we do not have the science, it will not have technology。如果学习只在于模仿,那么我们就不会有科学,也不会有技术。

38、What constitutes the greatest obstacle to our learning is the known, but not the unknown。构成我们学习最大障碍的是已知的东西,而不是未知的东西。

39、Reading and learning is the thinking of the regular nutrition, is the endless development of ideas。看书和学习是思想的经常营养,是思想的无穷发展。

40、Youth is limited, wisdom is infinite, while the short of youth, to learn infinite wisdom。青春是有限的,智慧是无穷的,趁短的青春,去学习无穷的智慧。

41、To learn to be good at thinking, thinking, and then think of。 I just become a scientist by this method。学习知识要善于思考,思考,再思。我就是靠这个方法成为科学家的。

42、We must give ourselves the task of this: first, learning, second is learning, third or learning。我们一定要给自己提出这样的任务:第一,学习,第二是学习,第三还是学习。

43、Always keep learning, and you'll know everything。 The more you know, the more powerful you are。经常不断地学习,你就什么都知道。你知道得越多,你就越有力量。

44、Man does not have everything on his own, but by what he has learned from his studies。人不光是靠他生来就拥有一切,而是靠他从学习中所得到的一切来造就自己。

45、Wisdom lies in learning, genius is the accumulation of。 The so-called genius, in fact, rely on learning。聪明在于学习,天才在于积累。所谓天才,实际上是依靠学习。

46、The situation is constantly changing, to make their own ideas to adapt to the new situation, you have to learn。情况是在不断地变化,要使自己的思想适应新的情况,就得学习。

47、Reading and learning is to build up their own ideas and knowledge with the help of other people's ideas and knowledge。读书和学习是在别人思想和知识的帮助下,建立起自己的思想和知识。

48、Reading and writing are the two most essential learning methods for students, and it is also the two window to the world。读和写是学生最必要的两种学习方法,也是通向周围世界的两扇窗口。

49、Success in learning often leads to greater learning interest, and to improve students as a learning concept。学习中经常取得成功可能会导致更大的学习兴趣,并改善学生作为学习的自我概念。

50、In today and tomorrow, there is a long time; while you have the spirit of the time to learn quickly。在今天和明天之间,有一段很长的时间;趁你还有精神的时候,学习迅速地办事。

51、I believe that the most beautiful life in life and the results of the happiness of human life, there is no too much to learn。我认为人生最美好的主旨和人类生活最幸福的结果,无过于学习了。

52、I have studied the whole life, now I am studying, but in the future, as long as I have the energy, I also have to study。我学习了一生,现在我还在学习,而将来,只要我还有精力,我还要学习下去。

53、To maintain and develop each student's self-esteem, depending on the teacher how to look at the students' personal learning performance。保持和培养每个学生的自尊心,取决于教师如何看待学生的个人学习成绩。

54、Love is an indispensable but it can only be the accelerator that pushes us forward, but is not a stumbling block to work。爱情是一个不可缺少的但它只能是推动我们前进的加速器,而不是工作学习的绊脚石。

55、Learning should pay attention to the details, not crude and careless can gradually learn, such exploration, find the objective law。学习要注意到细处,不是粗枝大叶的,这样可以逐步学习摸索,找到客观规律。

56、Learn this matter do not care if you have no one to teach you, the most important thing is that you have no consciousness and perseverance。学习这件事不在乎有没有人教你,最重要的是在于你自己有没有觉悟和恒心。

57、We must remember that we have limited time to study。 Time is limited, not only because life is short, even as numerous personnel。必须记住我们学习的时间有限的。时间有限,不只由于人生短促,更由于人事纷繁。

58、We don't need to die to read memorize something, we need to develop and enhance every learner with basic knowledge of thinking。我们不需要死读硬记,我们需要用基本的知识来发展和增进每个学习者的思考力。