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The best result of education is tolerance.


Heart still, hope will not disappear.


I only see I have, do not see I do not have.


Use of all things because of their lovely.


As long as the sun, they will not see the shadow.


Always face the sun, you will not see the dark.


To live every day as the last day of life.


Make every day of your life as your last day.


Neither want to defend himself, nor to blame any.


The knowledge teaches the human to learn to love, to give the person with the light and the wisdom.


Love a little like the sun did not come out before the clouds of the sky.


But in any case hard, the results are always very wonderful.


Reading a good book is a great spiritual conversation with a great soul.


Keep your face to the sun, so you won't see the shadow.


Knowledge gives to love, to give to light, gives to wisdom.


Love is not touch, but you can feel the sweetness of her.


Though the world is full of suffering, it will be overcome.


Never hang your head. To hold the head high and face the world.


Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

20、生命要不是一场大冒险, 要不然就是一无所有。

Life is not a great adventure, or nothing.


Use your eyes as if tomorrow you will be blinded by the disaster.


In this world, there is no light in the darkness is ignorance and numbness of the night.


Laughing out demons hall. God is blind, indifferent.


Confidence is the master of life for those who are above the destiny of life.


Remember, a man who loves himself too much, is often the one who is destroyed.


Darkness will make people more appreciative of sight, silence will make people more like sound.


Make good use of your eyes, as if you were going to be blind tomorrow.


I think life is too short, not worth it to spend in the bitter and vengeful.


The most beautiful things in the world, can not see also touched, to rely on the heart to feel.


Faith is a state of mind, faith is not in you depressed in a wink.


The greatest tragedy in life is not in the past, but in the future.


The summer passed, with what to comfort my loneliness, but the bright and colorful autumn leaves.


Dark clouds cover the sun, the evil will eventually be overthrown, the real victory will always belong to justice.


Although the world is full of suffering, it is also filled with a lot of ways to overcome it.


Touch each object you want to touch, as if tomorrow your touch will decline.


In my world of silence and darkness, there would be no tenderness and compassion.


Visual acuity does not lie in how much we can see, but in what we feel inside.


Perhaps this is the people, the things I do not know to appreciate, not things and pursue.


Once loved and loved, never lose, because they become part of you.


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. Must be hard to feel.


Once I cried because I had no shoes, until one day, I saw a man, he had no feet.


Smell the fragrance of all the flowers, taste every dish, like tomorrow you can't smell the taste.


I try to acquire knowledge, to hope behind it for human society to contribute a little force.


My life is full of vitality, like those little insects of the life into transient, one day.


Sometimes I think, every day as the last day of my life, it is an excellent rule of life.


As long as there is confidence, perseverance and perseverance, human potential can often reach some kind of emotional level we can not imagine.


Perhaps the sorrow of mankind lies in this, have the things not to cherish, but for the never to be forever.


I have been crying, has been crying, crying, I have no new shoes to wear. Until one day, I found someone had no feet.


The light of youth is so bright, it is not dare to look directly, the kind of day is not afraid of the strength of the strength of the people really envy.


Every teacher can take the children into the classroom, but not every teacher can make children learn something real.


Unfortunately, most of the world may have remedy, but one of the most unfortunate but incurable, it is human indifference.


People who have the purpose of life, can withstand any blow. The most poor people in the world are those who have vision but have no vision.


We can not stop the pace; we have to enrich themselves every moment, good for the perfect tomorrow, we are dedicated to the results of our efforts.


I would like to see others as my sun, others to hear the music as my music, other people's mouth smile as I am happy.


Although my eyes can't see the sun, I can't see the lightning, I can't see the green branches of the trees in spring, but they don't exist.


I want the world to be a day of peace, to make people live more happy, then, people do not have to look forward to the heaven behind.


God has made my eyes can not see, and ears can't hear, and therefore can not speak, is to think through this kind of incomplete and give some enlightenment to the world the weak residual.


She has the same character and other normal people, each with his mind, please don't worry, I believe that Every cloud has a silver lining., where there is a will, there is a.


Like Sherlock, Judah, and even the devil and the kind of people are also good on wheels a broken axle, one day will be repaired.


When we do our best, we never know what miracle will appear in our life, or in another person's life.


The pessimist will never discover the secrets of the stars, and cannot sail to the unknown land, or open a new paradise for the human soul.


Listen to the music of voices, the song of the birds, forceful and sonorous and forceful strains of an orchestra, as if tomorrow you would be stricken deaf.


In my illusion of vision of a limited time, I should choose a if, can in the shortest time to open the hidden treasures of the greatest place.


Sometimes I think that if people live every day as if it was the last day of their lives! This may show the value of life.


These knowledge, like a rainbow, lit up the light in Helen's heart, lit up her inner world, but also set up a bridge of communication between Helen and the world!


My body is not free, but my heart is free, and I want to get rid of the body shell, fly into the crowd, immersed in the ocean of joy.


Take full advantage of each of the senses, by giving you some of the means of contact, for the world as you show the details of all the pleasant and happy and proud of it!


When the door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look so long at the closed door, but turned a blind eye to the open door.


Our worst enemy is not a talent, but we hesitate, hesitate. Position yourself as a person, so you become the kind of person.


My body is not free, but my heart is free. And let my heart out of my body into the crowd, immersed in the joy of a better life!


Death just moved from the room to that room, but I may not be the same with other people, because I can see something in the new room.


They try to bother, contemplate, let my defects into a beautiful sign, let me in the shadow of inability to change the calm and happy to walk the road of your life.


When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened.


To shake hands, without words or words. Some people resist holding cold fingers, and like the north wind shake hands. Some people's hands are full of sunshine, hold it makes you feel warm.


As everyone knows, life is fragile, when all the assumptions become reality, everything is too late. So, no matter what kind of age, love and courage are the foundation of our existence.


When the night falls, I can see the artificial light, and experience the joy of the double. This is the genius of man in the nature of the night time, for the expansion of their vision and the creation of the.


In the long dark night of my life, the books I have read and read to me have become a magnificent beacon for me to show the deepest channels of my life and my soul.


My job is to practice, practice and practice. Failure and fatigue often trip me up, but I have the courage to think that I can make the person I love see my progress for a while.


I have not touched the outline of the stars, and have not touched the brightness of the moon, but I believe that God in my heart lit two lights: a large for the day, a small for the night.


When I am unhappy, I will hide in the flowers, the crying face hidden in the wet tender leaves, their fragrance can comfort me for a while, my bad mood disappeared.