2020-03-09 14:01:20


Don't expect everyone to understand you, because radish and cabbage have their own love. If you make radishes, you can't make green vegetables naturally.


His lips are soft and his heart is soft. If you don't forgive your heart, you will speak well. So good men are good, bad men are good.


Without everything perfect, the key is to know exactly what it wants. If you want everything, you will get nothing.


I spent a lot of time looking for a lover who made me emotional, affectionate and affectionate, but always left me with a lonely, lonely, lonely soul.


To live a day is to have good fortune and cherish it. When I cry, I have no shoes to wear, I find that someone has no feet.


I think the relationship between you and me is a little more than strangers, a little less than good friends, a little more complicated than brushing one's shoulders, a little easier than meeting one another in an ordinary way.


Meet you at the right time. We love, marry, have children, and grow old in warm companionship. This is the happiness and steady happiness I want.


There is no need to go back to see who is cursing you. If a mad dog bites you, do you have to lie down and bite him?


When your heart is tired, will you rest? Turn yourself into a tiny particle of dust, float over, and enjoy the brief peace after landing!


Tell yourself you should stick to it, don't deny yourself so easily, who says you don't have a good future, about tomorrow after the genius knows.


Most of people are looking forward the crystal like love pure without any defect. However, the truth is most people are having the glass like love, which is transparent but fragile.


Looking at your back, I always wonder when I can say the precious words that can not be said, and this time it will end like this?


Complaining is a kind of negative energy, just like lifting a stone to hit oneself in the foot, it is not good for others, not good for oneself, not good for anything.


Happiness is the realization of every tiny wish. When you want to play, you have to play, and when you want to be loved, someone loves you.


Fragmentary is loneliness, seeking to make up is to get rid of loneliness. When a solitude seeks another solitude, there is a desire for love.


Honey, I love you as boiled water, eat, as natural as breathing, sleepless, gentle, so I will always love you!


Flowers are beautiful and fragrant, have their own rhythm, have their own growth, but when faced with flowers, I would rather believe that she is open for me.


That person, suddenly do not contact you, very normal; that person, suddenly contact you again, very normal, this does not explain anything.


Never abandon your parents' slow action! Because you can never imagine how patiently they taught you to walk when you were young.


Everyone will be tired, no one can bear all the sadness for you, people always have a period of time to learn to grow up.


You will be delighted to hear the sound of babies'cries in the city you guard, and to hear our footsteps towards the future.


The best thing in life is to find someone who knows all your mistakes and faults and still thinks you're great.


Obviously you came near me first, but I could not bear it at last. Perhaps, deep feeling has always been betrayed, only thin feelings will be repeatedly missed.


Dogs can't feed too much. People can't treat him too well. Patience makes progress at a time, and goes further. Don't play too much jokes.


People always say, do and cherish. However, once it is put into practice, it is really very difficult. Because many people, many things, only lost to know how to cherish.


I don't mind loving you much. Even if I love you, I don't care. Perhaps the beauty of love is in the opposite direction. Your love is ultimately dependent on others.


If you push me away, you can complete all your dreams, then push me away, if not? Then hug me, at least I'm still an asset for you.


The origin of fate, the edge of thick edge light, we can not control. What we can do is cherish the short time when we are at the mercy of the occasion.


Never regret for the way you choose, whether it was ten years ago or now. Because the only thing that can be done is to go without hesitation.


There is no need to hide anyone, I still love you, but less must be together persistent, perhaps in a period of time, I just miss you.


Hold the hand of your son and bear your sorrow. I would like to drink for you. But for candles, for your light. Always take this oath with you.


There are many things in life that can not be met and demanded, and those that have not been expected often come unexpectedly.


Women must be good to themselves. Once tired, there will be other women to spend your money, live in your room, sleep your husband, hit your baby!


Everything goes smoothly and vigorously, all steelmaking has patience, superb ability to strive for hardship, the enemy on all sides is a model, I hope you can go one step further.


Although we meet in a hurry and leave in a hurry, we have eternity in the short course of life, and we believe that friendship today is the best memory of tomorrow.


Time is the best eraser, can erase our deep-rooted memories clean, and then together with the people who never forget.


What you need to grasp in life is that it is time to start, it is time to start, it is time to end, it is time to end.


You will never see me when I am most lonely, because only when you are not by my side, I am the most lonely.


In fact, the sky is very blue, clouds always disperse; in fact, the sea is not wide, the shore even the other side; in fact, tears are sweet, when you wish; in fact, I want you to be happy every day!


Man, when he comes to this world, foreshadows endurance, sufferings, joys and misfortunes.


Faced with those who have a mean mouth, they should be bold and rude, angry and bold to start, life is so short, Lao Tzu by what grievance to your face.


You and I are like seven-rhymed poems, you have made a couplet, I have to chop my will to fight against your flat, artistic conception, and at the end of the rhyme for you.


You are the happiest person in the world when the person you love most is the same person as the person you love most.


People, to a certain age, are with a little bit of worry, with a little unspeakable pain, laughing every day to live.


Politeness and nurturing are not just shrivelled and polite, but also considerate and considerate. This test is not only about EQ, but also your kindness.


A man walked on tiptoe on the narrow white line of the runway, and went far away and came back. The sun is nice, warm and soft. The quiet sky.


What is the meaning of life, it is struggle. What is the motive force of struggle? It is success. What is the secret of success? Change!


A wound is a humiliation imposed by others and a hallucination insisted by oneself. People like me always appear in the form of a difficult problem.


Upper League: eat and drink. Don't worry about anything. The next couplet: take a bath, watch the table, comfortable one second is a second. Horizontal batch: can not live in vain!


Reasons are understood, but the complaint or resentment, the curse or curse, the cry or cry, after all, the heart of the suffering is not the reason can be relieved.


Now happy, will not be forever happiness; temporary worry, will not accompany forever. Just plain and simple companionship is your eternal happiness.


Gradually, we walked without stopping. Looking back, the past is dreamy and afraid of its fragmented wind. Looking ahead, it's still long.


In this life, we are all on our way home. Starting again, just for the sake of happiness and calmly coming home in the future. There is no end to the road. Home is in the heart.


In the days when I love you, you love me, and I hope these days will never pass; I hope to accompany you to the end of the world, the end of time.


Don't think about the same thing over and over again. Don't put all your feelings on one person. You have parents and friends.


Not all ends are incomplete. Sorrow does not grow into a river but is covered by the warm and beautiful things that are declared.


Park your heart in the harbor where the clouds rise, carve happiness in your heart secretly, and tie you and me tightly to the end of the years with a thread of friendship!


Happiness is to be troubled by nightmares in the middle of the night, sweaty wake up to find pillow towels have been wet, moonlight like water flowing quietly through the window.


A lot of times, we like others, they do not know; and more often, we hurt others, we do not know.


Likes and loves is not the same. If you like a flower, you will take it off. If you love a flower, you will water it.


The shortest part of the barrel determines its capacity, the weakest link of the chain determines its strength, and the greatest disadvantage of man determines its success.


To know how much a person loves you is not how well he usually treats you, but how he treats you when you quarrel.